Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Irritation

Allergies can go die. It is now Saturday, and for the past week, I'm pretty sure my ability to breathe fully, which includes being sneeze free for more than two hours, has not existed since Sunday. Granted, I have been up for less than two hours, have yet to have any coffee and stayed up late with two nights of less than excellent sleep so I'm a bit grumpy, but I am getting fed up of only having one operational nostril at a time.

There we go, I just sneezed again. Damn you snot.

Now it has been noted that I have a cute, almost dainty, sneeze. This is counter-balanced though by the countering action--blowing my nose. While my sneeze may be cute, blowing my nose can only be described as the sound of a foghorn hellbent on notifying everyone of its presence. The forceful motion of this process spanned over a week makes me think my mother may be right. Blowing too hard is going to blow my brains out, or lead to more pain, congestion and discomfort. I'd go for blowing my brains out instead.

The day is not bad after popping a Zyrtec, but I don't like popping pills on a daily basis to be functionally operational. Temporary breathing comes in a steamy shower or after having coffee and tea due to the steam, but then I just run the risk of being a leaky faucet all over my face. That's only really tolerable on babies since they're so damn cute and you expect them to be moist; it's not so cute on a 20-year-old girl.

So, if anyone has any ideas, methods, pills, medications or home remedies that might assist with congestion and/or allergies I'm all ears since I'm only half nose. Until this is solved, listen for a cute "achoo" followed by a foghorn to know I'm still part of the living.

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  1. This entry was gross. I'm going to suggest Claritin D (prescription strength, but OTC). Works for my sister and her fiance who sneeze horrendously. My suggestion is partially to stop your allergies, but mostly to prevent another post about snot and face sweat :P