Friday, December 31, 2010


Happiness is fresh powder on the slopes, lying in a hot tub, and a good hefeweizen.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Need A Puppy

I have officially decided that I need a puppy. I will gladly accept a dog as well, but I would like to cash in on the immensely adorable cute fluffy stage that many baby animals go through; human babies are also cute as well, but they are not fluffy and, and therefore can't compete. I need a puppy, dog, or canine companion for two, well three reasons.

1. I am a dog person.

2. I need someone to listen lovingly to all the crazy, ridiculous, stupid, immature, thoughtful, asinine things in my head that I choose to verbalize. I could maybe decide to go to the grown up store and buy a verbal filter instead, but those are a bit over-priced I hear. Also, a puppy will lovingly cuddle with you after you have sounded like a complete and total idiot racing through an endorphin or sugar high, and let's be serious. No other being or creature is going to do that for me.

3. Who wouldn't want a puppy? It's a puppy, people. Think of the adorableness.

That is about all the content that actually can be comprised into this note. Anything more I type will be too nonsensical to comprehend, and if I come back to edit it, I'm going to face-palm and then want to mentally slap myself. Lastly, why does Chrome's built-in spell checker not recognize "endorphin"? It is a word, and I am spelling it correctly.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rye, Rambles and Repetition

I have not decided if I should be overjoyed that something to write about came upon me so quickly after the holiday, or start to question my seamlessly never-ending "sweet tooth" for alcohol--namely, red wine, whiskey, and dark beers. I just finished proclaiming my love of whiskey on a previous post (ignore the dates, I actually typed out that one on Wednesday the 29th, but blogger tracks the dates by the original first type). This post is similar slightly to me new implementation of reviews and tastings, except that is not a review of merely a drink. Oh no my friends, this is about so much more. This is me raving about a beer float.

A beer float? What is a beer float, you may be asking. A beer float is exactly what you might think it is. The alcoholic version of a rootbeer float, take a good solid beer and add one, or several depending on your sweet tooth and care about calories, scoops of ice cream. In this instance, I was at the main lodge in Sunriver, and for desert on Monday had a beer float made with the Deschutes Brewery's Obsidian Stout mixed with butter pecan ice cream. In short,

I am not going to go into extensive detail about the stout, although I do recommend it and other Deschute's beers after having their porter as my first legal drink in Portland. East Coast friends, I hope we can find it somewhere, otherwise I'm sorry that you are missing out. In general, I highly suggest friends who enjoy darker, dense beers to go out, find a good stout and embellish it with ice cream. If you don't believe me, see the above image.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Have I Been Missing Something?: How Far Removed Marketing Can Be

I tend to browse the internet a good deal, and a large portion of that stems from reading articles on various websites associated with Gawker (mainly Kotaku, Jezebel, and Gizmodo). Browsing around Jezebel in particular gives me some good laughs throughout the day, indulges my lust of designer fashions, and gives me something to talk about with my boss since she is a frequent reader as well. It also allows me to ask, "wtf?" at many commercials, since even though I have a tv with my roommate, and we do have cable this year, I generally get up and do something or make tea during commercials. If I didn't get my necessary dose of advertised consumption driving capitalism in, then I just wouldn't be a good little American, now would I?

One particular commercial struck me recently.

Jack Daniel's seems to be trying something new: actively marketing their product to the female half of the population. In the past, most marketing has been pushed towards promoting whiskey as the elixer of manhood, dudeness, and all things testosterone filled. Therefore, it is a bit refreshing, personally at least, to get some action for the ladies.

With that being said, cookies? I enjoy baking. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy whiskey. With that in mind, just because I'm female does not mean that my only use for whiskey is in the kitchen. I can not hate too much on the advertisement, because it does go on to show images of women enjoying whiskey based drinks in the rest of the commercial, however, spiking cookies is still the first image presented. Many a marketing person will tell you, first impressions make a ton of difference. With the image of women using Jack for baking cookies as the opener, I ask why can't there just be an ad campaign of women enjoying Jack for Jack's sake?

A while ago, I thought I was a little odd for enjoying whiskey as my go-to alcohol, awesome but still a bit odd. Vodka is normally second or third battling with gin, but I really enjoy whiskey. I'm not really sure where this love affair started, maybe from one too many sips of my Dad's nightcaps of whiskey in an old-fashioned glass over a few ice cubs, but this love will never die. Most girls don't drink whiskey. Apparently we "can't handle it". The girls who do like it, receive some odd intangible "hotness +5" medal for being "man-enough" to drink it. Over the years though, I have met a few female friends who share my tastes. We all seem to wear this medal together, and it still perplexes me. No one gets attention for loving vodka, gin, or rum, however there is a bit of attention attached to tequila (personal opinion here: not a tequila person so I guess certain kinds of crazy can't understand each other). Apparently these drinks aren't as "manly" as whiskey, which just seems silly. I am aware that the association has existed for a long time, but why exactly does a love of whiskey = respectable testosterone?

I love Jack Daniel's and Jim Bean, I enjoy Wild Turkey, Jameson and I go back and forth, and there is a special place reserved for Maker's Mark in my heart. Especially with Maker's, what's not to love about the smoothness, warm caramel tones and the rich taste? My preferred palate combined with an apparently larger than average tolerance for a girl, has given me somewhat of a reputation over the years. I have a good guy friend who has said that I can drink people under the table, and why I do enjoy this compliment, I still can't but wonder if this would be the same if I was known for liking rum.

Women have been enjoying and drinking whiskey for quite some time, so it is a bit disappointing that advertising is just now recognizing this. It is both an accomplishment, and a let down. My Mom drinks just about as much as my Dad, and very similar drinks as well. I have a female friend who I can always count on for getting shots of Jack at a bar. There's even the lovable character of Robin Scherbatsky from one of my favorite shows, "How I Met Your Mother" who enjoys whiskey and scotch just as much as Barney. While my personal sample size is not a good basis, statistically speaking, for a generalization, it is personally a bit of a "meh" feeling with sprinklings of disappointment towards the Jack Daniel's ad and facebook page. In addition, I just have to wonder how cookies were the best thing that the marketing team could come up with to spike. Cookies have nothing on my best friend's grandmother's desert of bourbon balls.

References because I feel like it:
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

God Bless Us, Everyone

Originally, I partially promised that I would write ten paragraphs or some generally long ridiculous length about Christmas. What better day to tackle that feat than Christmas day right? Well, after consideration that feat seems a bit too much to handle after large amounts of chocolates, rib roast, cabernet sauvignon, and my buche de noel, so instead I decided upon a different task. Many years ago, at the conclusion of my senior year at Jesuit, I wrote a little facebook note titled "Wrap Up?". For those of you who are friends of mine online, if you are really curious, you can read the note here. The main crux of the note was a list of things, in a fairly positive light, that I had learned that academic year.

While I am only halfway through the 2010-2011 academic year, we are nearing the end of the calendar year for 2010. Even though it is not the actual end, today is Christmas, and I am choosing to go all Catholic on you all, and say that the birth of Jesus Christ marks a new beginning. With this new beginning, I first choose to reflect upon the old. 2010 has been a turbulent year, only comparable to my senior year at Jesuit for the bad, yet comparable to childhood bliss for the good. There have been ups and downs for me. Relationships have come and gone, perspectives changed, and some friends lost, but many more gained. Through this list, my actions and my smiles, I never want to stop emphasizing how much happiness, gratitude, and love I have towards my friends both old and new.

So here, goes, without much revision, with a grateful prayer and a thankful heart, my lessons gained in 2010 (in no particular order whatsoever because that's who I am):
-Water Polo means I can once again eat as many carbs as I like and still have a small waistline
-Stress kills all appetite
-Even when you are crying, you should listen to your friends and eat some curry
-Emotions scar
-Physical scars are signs of badass adventures, silly clumsiness, and life never to be forgotten
-Pain is necessary, however, it makes the joy so much more golden
-I still rely on spell checkers to spell "necessary" correctly for me
-Some memories can never be erased
-People love me
-I have some of the most caring amazing friends
-Coffee is still my main legal addiction
-Boys can be, and are, silly
-Dance in the sunshine, in the rain, and in the snow
-Sometimes just being there is all someone needs
-Friends with benefits has a time and place
-Honesty is the best policy
-Talk to your siblings
-Long distance friendships can still remain, and may be some of the strongest you will ever know
-Never stop doing what you love, your own creativity and gifts may surprise you
-I learned to stop mistyping "surprise"
-Whiskey is my best friend and worst enemy
-Little moments filled with laughs and whispers are the best kept secrets in your heart
-I am horrible at betting in poker
-Never care what others say, but always be proud of the actions and choices you make--if you cannot live with yourself, then it matters not if others can
-Do not kick trees or houses in tear-driven rage
-Some of the best support comes where you least expect it
-No one ever gives me white wine, except for white zinfandels
-Hug those you appreciate
-Vodka and tequila should not be mixed quickly together
-I still don't like I.P.A.s
-A good cup of tea can help wipe away the worst tears, scars and fears
-I have one of the best roommates anyone could ever ask for
-Anyone can get better at bowling with enough practice
-Wear your best just for yourself
-Brush your teeth before bed
-When you start being sad or getting sick, just start being AWESOME instead

There are most likely many more lessons I have learned this year, however, these stand as the most important standouts in my life. I hope whoever you are, wherever you are reading these, have a smile brought to your face and maybe a chuckle from my accidental wisdom. I apologize to those I have hurt, both on purpose and accidentally, and to those who I have hurt through hurting myself. I thank those who I have met, who have a brought a smile to my face, and who I have been lucky, silly and witty enough to to bring a smile to their face. Life is a journey, life is cliche, but never forget those who bring love into your life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, happy generic average day, and may God bless us, everyone.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello Old Friend

Just when all hope was lost, I turned to the title of my lovely little blog for a starting point: an old fashioned. Now some of you, who having drinking tendencies unlike an old man, may be wondering, what exactly is an old fashioned? I happened upon this delightful cocktail last Thursday, the first day I was back in Ptown, with my good friend Alex at the McMeniman's Ringler's Annex on Burnside. Being a porter and a few glasses of wine in for the night, I simply happened to pick this drink due to it having sugar in the description. Yes, that might not be the best selection criteria, but let's face it, I'm still four years old in many respects.

Having selected an amaretto old fashioned, and taking my first initial sips, I found I was very much pleased with the beverage. First off, while not my liquor of choice, amaretto is delicious for both its taste and the fact that it reminds me of my good friend and roommate, Sandy. Later though, I learned that a classic old fashioned is traditionally made with a bourbon, scotch or rye whiskey. What's not to like from those three choices?

An old fashioned is possibly the first drink to be called a cocktail. The earliest recipe for this drink, according to Wikipedia at least is:
The apparently earliest written recipe, from 1895, specifies the following: "Dissolve a small lump of sugar with a little water in a whiskey-glass; add two dashes Angostura bitters, a small piece ice, a piece lemon-peel, one jigger [1.5 ounces or 44 mL] whiskey. Mix with small bar-spoon and serve, leaving spoon in glass."[6]

My experience was actually quite similar to this, but with a bit more cherry flavor, which complimented the amaretto taste, and a hefty lump of sugar. Although, I do suspect there might have been a dash of curaƧao in the mix as well to highlight and bring out the orange flavor. Overall, this drink really appealed to my senses: part sugar driven, part hard alcohol enthusiast. I do need to return to the Annex to copy down the exact recipe. Thank goodness I'll be in Portland for over three more weeks.

The Unthinkable

The unthinkable has happened. I am actually starting to run out of ideas, or just general things to talk about regarding Christmas and the season. Probably for the best so I can stop annoying you all and scaring people off...or perhaps I will simply end up writing over ten paragraphs about it on Saturday after jumping in the unwrapped wrapping paper.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

Yes, I do know it is Thursday, and so it is incorrect for me to be posting a Wish List Wednesday entry, however I was attempting to keep up with commercial consumerism. While the consumerism was not able to make its way to the written word, it was acted out yesterday with my Mom and I Christmas shopping for six hours. Actions speak louder than words, and six hours is a long time. That's one fourth of the day, two full finals at RPI, between two and four full length feature films, three (non-engineering) classes at RPI, and in general a decent chunk of time.

In order to continue the Wish List Wednesday trend of branching off my Christmas list, in this fourth week of Advent, I was originally going to post goggles, and silicon swim caps. Maybe even a uniquely printed swim suit! In reality though, I know a very small portion of my readers actually care about the intricacies of aquatic apparel. With that in mind, I chose to give you this:

And just for those boys and girls who have been extra special good this year:

You should all know by now, that while I do love cats, I am always going to be a dog person at heart. Bonus points to figure out my favorite breed of puppy. <3

A Gift God Wrapped in Green

For all my East Coast friends, acquaintances and readers, please listen to the above song, "Christmas in the Northwest". While I am not the biggest fan of the song, it does embody a bit of Portland: corny, about five years behind the trends stuck in a time warp, full of love, and green. The green is everywhere with the bounty of trees and agriculture we have in the Northwest, broken up only by the gray that never seems to end covering the sun, possibilities of snow, and carrying a constant drizzle.

The slides and images accompanying that song are a fluke. In December 2008 we had a freak snow storm that covered the Northwest. It was beautiful, a winter wonderland to behold, bringing joy to children's faces and many rants about the inefficient city structure for dealing with inclement weather. Since Portland does not get snow often, or in any predictable manner, we are often close to a state of shutting down with snowfall. The obvious downsides include stranded travelers, a disgruntled populous, and countable economic losses from lack of business. The not-so-obvious benefits include a city wide snowball fight from the Arlene Schnitzer Hall to NW 25th Street.

Despite all the downfalls, I want some snowfall.

Going to college in the Northeast is possibly spoiling me, or rather, the four year old inside of me who scares people with so much winter joy and twinkle. My thoughts on snow have been voiced, and especially coming from Southern California to Portland, Oregon to upstate New York, I am dreaming of a white Christmas. It is truly a Christmas miracle for Portland to get snow this year, but at Christmas, you tell the truth, and all I want for Christmas is snow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's been a week since I have blogged, and that fact is a leech upon my brain. In addition, I have not sketched in a week. The artistic creative juices are pounding against the pressure cooker lid that is my busy holiday schedule. My metaphors are lacking the zing that can only be compared to apple cider without proper cinnamon. The only thing comparable in my mind, is when I do not work out for a few days and start to be annoyed at myself.

Be wary of an explosion of expression in the near future.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rule #32

It is almost 9:00 pm on Monday, December 13th. I am still at work. I am tired, don't know where my sleep schedule lies after a weekend consumed by an amazing party and a less than amazing ski trip. While it is not the best idea to host a party lasting until 3 am and then to wake up at 5:30 am for a ski trip, the sleep cycle damage is at least, if not more, made up for through emotional reward and merriment. Despite my good weekend though, it is Monday. I am tired, sore, and desperately need caffeine. I have a graduate final to complete, a shift at work to attend, a phone interview to sort through, job applications to fill out, cleaning, packing, and a pile of laundry rivaling Whistler in height all before Wednesday at noon when I leave for the airport to fly home. I am aware that compared to some of my comrades this finals season, I have it easy. I am still entitled to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Despite this load of labor, it is snowing outside. On my break at work, I wandered outside to the door by WRPI in the DCC and saw frosty flakes falling from the sky, and a little twinkle appeared in my eye as a smile crept across my face. Enjoy the little things.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poppin Bottles in the Ice

Every once and a while this holiday season, I do plan on composing posts which are seperate and have nothing to do with Christmas spirit. This post is one of them. The only relatable thing is the lyric "like a blizzard", since snow is often associated with winter and Christmas as a winter holiday. That's all I've got. The conception of this post came about because of the fact that my brain is apparently very suceptible to getting the song "Like a G6" by the Far East Movement stuck in my head.

For those of you who haven't heard the aforementioned song, I present it to you below.

I have now discussed this song with several people, and have had a few outstanding discussions on the word "slizzard". Urban Dictionary offers several definitions including, but not limited too, a high state of intoxication, a slutty lizard, or becoming so intoxicated that one thinks they are a lizard. The placement of "slizzard" in the song goes,
Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard

While some might applaud individuality and creativity, all I can really think is, could you not find a word to rhyme with blizzard? Despite the stretching and distortions inflicted upon the English language, I do enjoy this song, but mainly because it's catchy, easy to dance to, and for some reason it is a popular dance number at Water Polo practices. I do dance to this song, and it is often stuck in my head, however, while I'm bobbing my head I'm also shaking it in literary confusion and disappointment.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

We are now in the second week of the Advent season and onto the second installment of my Christmas List themed Wish List Wednesday postings. Last week's items were a mix of nerdiness and domesticity. This week marks a departure from both of those areas, unless awesome technical nerd knowledge is employed in super-charging some of the items below. This week's featured item from my Christmas list keeps going off and on the list. Please feel free to let me know if I should make it a permanent fixture or not.

The item in questionable standing on my list is the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS gun. My eyes first laid upon this glorious wonder over Thanksgiving Break as Nick and I were wandering around NYC and landed in F.A.O. Schwartz. While the Nerf gun serves no practical purpose, besides demolishing my housemates, you simply cannot deny the awesomeness. This automatic baby boasts a firing rate of three darts per second.

Continuing with items that are not on my list, but have related associations, I selected two other toy listings which have little practical purpose, but just make any nerdy child smile. Next time I have $250 to drop for no reason, I'll look to this Star Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker Lego Set. Who doesn't love Legos?

Lastly, I have to admit I still have stuffed animals with me at college. The ones here are small in number and significant in my life. That being said, I am still a sucker for cute fluffiness, and I always enjoy visiting the penguins at the Oregon Zoo no matter how smelly the area is. Who can't resist a stuffed penguin?

In conclusion, I appreciate that a part of me will always be a spunky seven-year-old. Happy Holidays and to my college companions, I hope we all make it through finals and exams!

Comfy Pants

Growing up, I have acquired and stored a lot of peculiar memories that I do not quite appreciate or seem to understand until later points in life. My Dad normally dresses in regular business attire with the occasional break into business casual. When he arrives home from work, he says hello to everyone, goes and looks at the mail, makes idle chit chat with my Mother, and then normally goes upstairs to the bedroom. When my Dad returns shortly after, he is still wearing whatever tailored shirt he had on that morning, but his tie is off, his birkenstocks are on, and he is wearing some pair of sweatpants.

For many years I did not really understand why my Dad had to change his pants to come back down, read the Wall Street Journal, watch t.v. and eat dinner. Between strict dress codes, fashion trends, and my Mother's shopping influences I did not own a pair of sweatpants myself until a pair for Jesuit's swim in my junior year of high school. Even today, I have three pairs in my possession: a pair of RPI sweatpants purchased freshman year, a pair from swim team senior year of high school, and a loving pair of Victoria's Secret pants that I keep meaning to give back to Chelsea. I sadly lost that pair from junior year during my first year at RPI.

Tonight after a long day of errands, cleaning, studying, work and water polo practice it clicked. While I have been wearing sweatpants much more frequently in college, it is normally on the way to the gym or to bed. If you ever see me wear sweatpants to class or on campus, it's a pretty good indicator that some combination of my mental, academic or social well-being is in chaos. Jesuit's dress code is still ingrained in me a bit to this day. Despite my outer standards, I do enjoy sweatpants in my own home. I have changed into sweatpants before in the evening, but it finally clicked tonight as I changed into my senior year pair. Comfy pants are a hidden comfort in life.

I have known others who practice the comfy pant phenomenon. A good companion always changed into a pair of comfy Adidas soccer shorts. My Dad has a gray pair and a dark blue pair that he also sometimes wears when coaching soccer practices. My ultimate comfy pair is the one I am currently wearing. The sweats from senior year swim team, I somehow mistakenly ordered a size medium, which wouldn't be such an issue, if it wasn't for the fact that my waist is fairly small, and that it's a men's medium. Despite the fitting flaws, they are the comfiest things alive. Thick, gray, and possessing pockets, pairing these sweatpants with the same shirt I wore during the day with jeans makes my legs a bit happier. Also my stomach for that matter. I just got out of water polo and my abs could use a rest.

While I know that not many people comment on my posts, I do know that people read them. So what say you folks? Do you have a pair of comfy pants? If so, what are they?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Today in Troy, the students and residents were sprinkled with light snow. While snow, is a fairly regular occerance in Troy, and most of upstate New York for that matter, snow always marks the coming of winter and cold. It is officially cold in Troy. For some though, it is colder than others. I remember back to freshman year at RPI. I was young, naive, and full of doe-eyed wonder and romantics about snow and the cold that accompanies it. Regular snowfall was like chestnuts for me: mythical, something only possible in storybooks. While I am now older, I am still filled with childlike jubilee at the sight of snow, however, something has changed. I am wiser.

Unfortunately, I have to honestly admit that I was one of those kids from the West Coast who froze their silly little heads off freshman year. It took a while, almost all winter, to realize how to layer in order to survive. I purchased my first pair of snow boots on my own and was introduced to "double panting" or the donning of a layer of long underwear under one's jeans. A friend from Texas, Los Angeles and myself learned the hard way that snow is not necessarily that cold, but the winds and Northeast temperatures that accompany it are.

Sophomore year I graduated to the level of winter dress knowledge where I could layer and not over-layer to the point of sweat induced exhaustion. Junior year, I purchased a new wool peacoat and gained tall, tan leather boots as a gift from my Mother. As a senior now, I am proud to say that I can dress for the cold, be stylish to boot, and not even be over-layered. While this might seem like a silly trifle for some, I'm pretty proud to be cutely prancing in the snow and smiling into the bitter winter wind.

Just remember, you can't go wrong with wool and gloves and hats are your best friends.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Sound A Lot Like Christmas

Hark! Hear the sounds of Christmas cheer, sung aloud for all to hear! It is December fourth, the day before the second Sunday of Advent. Tis the season to be jolly! Flurries of snow danced upon the wind yesterday afternoon as I walked back from Nonlinear Programming, and while listening to Pink Martini's version of "Santa Baby" I started to sing along. I have previously mentioned that I do sing to my self out loud when walking places, but carols seem to be especially prone to escaping from my lips.

There is something about Christmas carols that seems to differentiate them from other well known songs and tunes. Whenever one person starts to hum or sing a Christmas carol, you can bet that others nearby or in the room will soon join in. That happened in my apartment on Thursday night and ended in three part harmony. There's a warmth in your heart with Christmas carols. A good friend of mine who is Jewish even knows certain tunes and gets a smile from them. It's not neccessarily the words, or the tunes, but rather a good deal of feeling and attitude that people emulate while caroling that really hooks people.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart

Flash a smile, say a prayer, limber up your vocal chords and make the most of the season. It's one of the few times of the year when everyone else is forced to tolerate my horrible singing, so I might as well make the most of it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Season's Greetings!

Yesterday twas the first of December today. While I consider it acceptable to start celebration and preparation for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, with the coming chaos of "Black Friday", I know many feel that it's not quite the season until December starts. This season, as previously mentioned in my post about Thanksgiving, brings me so much joy. It is a shot of seratonin to my brain, a warm embrace to my soul, a comforting blanket of love wrapped around my heart. As my roommate and housemates know, I decorated on Sunday, and my levels of holiday cheer and happiness almost approached scary levels, however, it did give fruition to such joy in my apartment.

I have a decorated Christmas tree, which while unfortunately fake, stands around six and a half feet tall full of merriment.

In addition, a good deal of my apartment looks like this and is covered in lights. Despite all of my insanity and unbridled and uninhibited joy, irregardless of all the negative in my past and personal issues, there are a few simple reasons why I enjoy Christmas so much. One of the principle reasons for celebration is a closeness that the holiday season brings. Goodwill towards your neighbor becomes commonplace. Smiles are painted on more people's faces, and everyone seems a bit more willing to chat in line at the department store to a stranger. Mankind, despite its endless failings, shows true beauty in treatment of others at this time of year.

This semester has been either too slow or too fast for me between social events, new friendships and bonds, classes, my employment on campus and research work. In the past, two of my best girlfriends Erin and Sarah, and I have enjoyed a much greater frequency of each other's company through Wednesday Girls' Lunch and the occasional movie and wine night. I see Erin much more than Sarah due to our Monday trips to the Pub, but it really is not the same without Sarah. Last night I decided to skip the gym and text Erin to see what she was up to. Sarah, Erin and I ended up at my place, glasses of wine in hand, nestled under the Christmas lights enjoying each other's company and watching It's A Wonderful Life. Was it just a simple coincidence that all three of us were free for once this semester? Probably, but I'm still going to say a little bit of it was Christmas magic bringing people together.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

For the next few weeks, I have decided upon a theme for the Wish List Wednesday posts I publish. Although I am 21 years old and a senior in college, my mother still requests that I make and send her a Christmas List each year. I do understand, after so many years, it becomes hard to guess what someone might like, especially if they are away from home for ten months out of the year. Thus, for the Wish List Wednesday posts, I will list one item on my Christmas list and then two things that could accompany it. As I age, my lists seem to get smaller, so I will not be skipping out on many items by only doing this format for four weeks. I also really like that I will have four posts to correllate with the four Sundays of Advent.

The first item is actually on my Christmas list. I first saw them in a magazine and couldn't believe that such a thing actually existed. These Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma are awesome.

There really shouldn't be much more to say than these are awesome, and that it is obvious why I desire them.

Secondly, this item continues more along the lines of my enjoyment and love of Star Wars than my passion for baking. Williams Sonoma really appears to be doing something right this holiday season in all kinds of awesome with this apron.

Lastly, the third related item is based upon my overall passion for cooking and baking. I cannot wait to get a job, move into my first "adult" apartment, and receive my grandmother's mixer with all the crazy pasta attachments. If I do not get it, or my mom does not want to wade through the storage bin, then I would really love a KitchenAid mixer.

The candy apple red color just adds to my materialistic lusting.

With the completion of my first Christmas list themed Wish List Wednesday, wow that sounds like a materialistic mouthfull, have a good day all and may cheery warmth fill your hearts!