Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

Yes, I do know it is Thursday, and so it is incorrect for me to be posting a Wish List Wednesday entry, however I was attempting to keep up with commercial consumerism. While the consumerism was not able to make its way to the written word, it was acted out yesterday with my Mom and I Christmas shopping for six hours. Actions speak louder than words, and six hours is a long time. That's one fourth of the day, two full finals at RPI, between two and four full length feature films, three (non-engineering) classes at RPI, and in general a decent chunk of time.

In order to continue the Wish List Wednesday trend of branching off my Christmas list, in this fourth week of Advent, I was originally going to post goggles, and silicon swim caps. Maybe even a uniquely printed swim suit! In reality though, I know a very small portion of my readers actually care about the intricacies of aquatic apparel. With that in mind, I chose to give you this:

And just for those boys and girls who have been extra special good this year:

You should all know by now, that while I do love cats, I am always going to be a dog person at heart. Bonus points to figure out my favorite breed of puppy. <3

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