Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Need A Puppy

I have officially decided that I need a puppy. I will gladly accept a dog as well, but I would like to cash in on the immensely adorable cute fluffy stage that many baby animals go through; human babies are also cute as well, but they are not fluffy and, and therefore can't compete. I need a puppy, dog, or canine companion for two, well three reasons.

1. I am a dog person.

2. I need someone to listen lovingly to all the crazy, ridiculous, stupid, immature, thoughtful, asinine things in my head that I choose to verbalize. I could maybe decide to go to the grown up store and buy a verbal filter instead, but those are a bit over-priced I hear. Also, a puppy will lovingly cuddle with you after you have sounded like a complete and total idiot racing through an endorphin or sugar high, and let's be serious. No other being or creature is going to do that for me.

3. Who wouldn't want a puppy? It's a puppy, people. Think of the adorableness.

That is about all the content that actually can be comprised into this note. Anything more I type will be too nonsensical to comprehend, and if I come back to edit it, I'm going to face-palm and then want to mentally slap myself. Lastly, why does Chrome's built-in spell checker not recognize "endorphin"? It is a word, and I am spelling it correctly.

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