Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

For the next few weeks, I have decided upon a theme for the Wish List Wednesday posts I publish. Although I am 21 years old and a senior in college, my mother still requests that I make and send her a Christmas List each year. I do understand, after so many years, it becomes hard to guess what someone might like, especially if they are away from home for ten months out of the year. Thus, for the Wish List Wednesday posts, I will list one item on my Christmas list and then two things that could accompany it. As I age, my lists seem to get smaller, so I will not be skipping out on many items by only doing this format for four weeks. I also really like that I will have four posts to correllate with the four Sundays of Advent.

The first item is actually on my Christmas list. I first saw them in a magazine and couldn't believe that such a thing actually existed. These Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma are awesome.

There really shouldn't be much more to say than these are awesome, and that it is obvious why I desire them.

Secondly, this item continues more along the lines of my enjoyment and love of Star Wars than my passion for baking. Williams Sonoma really appears to be doing something right this holiday season in all kinds of awesome with this apron.

Lastly, the third related item is based upon my overall passion for cooking and baking. I cannot wait to get a job, move into my first "adult" apartment, and receive my grandmother's mixer with all the crazy pasta attachments. If I do not get it, or my mom does not want to wade through the storage bin, then I would really love a KitchenAid mixer.

The candy apple red color just adds to my materialistic lusting.

With the completion of my first Christmas list themed Wish List Wednesday, wow that sounds like a materialistic mouthfull, have a good day all and may cheery warmth fill your hearts!

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