Saturday, July 31, 2010


People react to death in different ways. People react to the deaths of different people in different ways. When my Grandma Helen passed away on October 22nd, 2008 I heard from an email early that morning from my godfather, my Uncle Mark. Following that email, coming only five days after my 20th birthday, I collapsed on my bed. For minutes I just lay there, frozen. Then the tears came. Although I knew my grandma had a very rewarding long life of 84 years, and she had been battling lunch cancer for the prior year, I broke into hysterics. Although we were 3,000 miles away for most of my life, I loved my Grandma Helen.

Helen Lawler was the icon of fair. She made each of her nine grandchildren always feel loved. While there is a lot I did not know about my grandmother, there is a lot I emotionally invested in her. She was love, fairness, equality. She was a rock of stability that I could always talk to. Her meals, some of my cherished childhood meals, instantly bring warmth into my heart. It is understandable that I reacted so dramatically. I did not speak to my parents for most of the day, ignoring the bulk of their calls until the evening when I could finally stand. Some might say that I was overly dramatic, but I have always been a very emotional person. Never getting a chance to call her, in the hospital, to thank her for my birthday gift haunted me for months.

I have received emails from Jesuit High School, since graduating, of classmates and peers who have passed away. The same can be said of RPI, from people I have never heard of to a great guy I meet casually last summer. All of the tragic deaths that have been connected to me of peers up until this point were accidents. Taken before their time, these situations were out of their control. It always hits me when someone my age passes. It's unexpected, it's before they're ready, and it just hits you like an unexpected wave of ocean water in the face of the warm sun.

I never lost a close friend.

Daniel Riley Fujimoto left this world a few days ago. Not to be disrespectful, or demean his life, but the title of this post, for those who knew me in and him in middle school is representative of our friendship. I met Fuji in sixth grade band class. He is one of the few male flutists that I have ever known personally. Fuji became one of my best friends in middle school and the early part of high school; to this day, I’m not sure how. I was awkward, he was at first timid, but somehow conversation started. There is a lot I could say about Fuji. The memories go on and on, but throughout all of them he brought so much life into the world. From the ramble book to band conversations, talking constantly through classes, making fun of Ms. Russo, and all the endless phone conversations, Fuji always brought a smile to my face. I have always had a very dark side to me, and in eighth grade it started to flare up again. Fuji was there for me. I cannot count the number of phone calls between our houses when he offered support.

I remember when I had a huge crush on Fuji in eighth grade, before he came out, and realize now, that who wouldn’t love him? Fuji was life, he was joy, he was unbounded ridiculousness. The love he had for others was endless, as was his bitter wit.

I regret not being as close with Fuji in recent years, even before his death. I always knew he had a dark side that was always one of the things that bonded us. He and I copiloted our endless roller coaster of emotions, plunging down farther each turn only to reach for that next blissful uptake. He was always an amazing friend, keeping tabs with me even in college. A party at his place for 4th of July one college summer made me think of bittersweet past days. I can’t coherently say how much Fuji meant to me, having not been coherent for some of these last few days.

I will always remember “squid” as silly as it is to have a dear memory about a friend conditioning you into being voice trained.

I will always remember you Fuji.

If you had asked me seven years ago, who would have gone first, I would have told you it was me. He might have too. I always hoped that light within him that shone so bright could push back the darkness.

I will always remember you Fuji. Always.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

Bear with me folks, yes I do know that today is technically Thursday but in my defense, the post was started and saved yesterday. I just forgot to publish it. I had a very busy Wednesday with my final research presentation, starting work on my research paper, actuarial studying and bowling. Somehow I stayed up for 18 hours. I don't know how, but I did.

Moving on!

In light of being done with my research presentation, the focus of Wish List Wednesday this week is SHOES! Wait what? What do shoes have to do with macroeconomic mathematical modeling? Apart from getting into a lengthy discussion about price levels and inflation with supply and demand, labor forces and what have you, the bottom line is this: after a big accomplishment, I like to indulge in a pair of awesome shoes. The end of last summer's research gave light to the birth of my red booties. That being said, here are some examples of awesomeness that get my female irrationalities really going.

I have always wanted to try wedges, but something always stops me when I see them in a store or online. I used to think that they were preposterous and ridiculous, so perhaps that inhibition is still inside me? Either way, if I get over that hurdle, these N.Y.L.A. wedges, available in different colors too, look amazing.

Just have to figure out how to walk in them first. If I can tackle Econometrics, I can tackle wedges right?

Next up, some of you who know me well, are aware I love boots. I live in boots from September till April or until it becomes too hot. I've even worn them during this past summer, however, I do not own a pair of black boots that I wear regularly.

They're over the knee boots. What's not to love?

Lastly, these purple heels are just too cute. Yes, a 5" heel with a 1" platform is a bit daunting, but I've got a thing for suede, as evidenced by my selections above.

Opinions on the proper shoe splurge anyone?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough of that Sexiness

While there are many things that separate men from women, there exists a smaller number of things that unite them. Food, drink, certain activities, and most obviously sex. Now while both sexes like, enjoy and interact in sexual intercourse and behaviors, the way that each side approaches it just causes another split entirely. After my own reflection and a somewhat non-enlightening and predictable conversation with Chelsea, I'd like to touch on that icing on the sex cake, lingerie.

Lingerie shouldn't be that hard, however, it easily gets divided into to categories: what is "sexy" and what is practical or comfortable. These garments include underwear (I do not say or like the word "panties"), bras or brassieres, corsets, shape-wear, tights and stockings, garters, chemises, slips and many subcategories of those garments which I do not understand. "Comfortable" things tend to invoke images of soft cotton, satin, cotton-poly blends and soft fibers such as the camisole and underwear combination modeled by my biggest girl-crush below:

Victoria's Secret, the queen of all things gravity defying even has a collection called "Victoria's Secret Soft" which seems to be perfect for sleeping by yourself, lounging around the house, or for those with committed relationships. Cotton is one of the most comfortable fibers in my opinion for casual rays of sunshine flowing through your windows as you wistfully pen your thoughts of the world and love in a leather bound journal.

What I am attempting to get at is that most "comfortable" lingerie lacks the instant sex appeal that results in a sudden increase of elevation for a certain male body part. Therefore, by contrast "sexy" lingerie fills the roll of male gravity defiance. These types of garments, following set theory logic seem to define that the union of "comfortable" and "sexy" is the set of all lingerie, while the intersect of "sexy" and "comfortable" is the empty set. The two seem to be mutually exclusive and independent.

"Sexy" lingerie involves lace, mesh, black, red, pink, revealing combinations of fabric designed to go straight to sex. There is not mental hurdle to be leaped, you see it, and the image and desire is there. Unfortunately, most of "sexy" lingerie, like this little number is so revealing that a shot or self-esteem of steel is required.

I could go on to a lengthy argument about the difference between men and woman's sexual desires, but I'd chose to not be a sour-puss since I do believe there is some overlap. There is hope people! Occasionally retailers develop something that we think exists in the cute and comfy category, namely polka-dots, but is combined with structure to produce creations such as:


I mean come on. Ladies you know that polka-dots are cute, yet how did this get into the sexy category?

From my own experience and tale's of friends' trials, the best conclusion that I can come up with is the same as the difference between men and women socializing. We over-analyze too much. For men, it seems, if it makes you look good, then who cares what category it falls into? The only doubt I have about this assumption though is, does it apply to that worn-out tank top and cotton boy-shorts that a girl likes to sleep in? Maybe there is too much societal bullshit programming in my brain, but I feel hard pressed to say that men find comfortable old separates as instantly alluring as some of the above "sexy" images.

The one, personal, item that seems to fit both "sexy" and "comfortable" is an item of underwear constructed purely of lace. Its design eliminates as many seams and stitching as possible, so for a girl it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything. For a guy, well it's black lace, what more do you want?

I suppose I had a conclusion here somewhere along the lines, but it seems to have disappeared into the boning of my corset of sexual insecurities. It would be nice to see society, individuals and clothing not have 9,000 variations on woman's undergarments. We have exhausting combinations to don; men decide between boxers or boxer briefs. Sorry for excluding the guys out there who wear briefs, but really guys, you might want to try something else on. Society seems to mess with the female mind from the second she wakes up. It'd be nice if she could at least make it out of the house without confusion.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception: My Thoughts

I don't normally do movie reviews or reflections on them, because frankly, I am aware I do not know a damn about good cinema apart from there should exist an interesting cohesive plot with proper character development and implementation. What the heck though?

On Saturday afternoon, I saw "Inception" with my boyfriend and two other friends. Hype had been brewing from critics and friends a like. "You have to see it twice to get it", "I can't wait to see it again", "It was amazing!" all circulated around my ears, so while I did not have a huge yearning to see it, I figured why not?

I saw it. I thought about it. It was okay.

I was expecting some sort of ridiculous mind confusing continuum along the lines of "Shutter Island" or maybe even "Donnie Darko". Even now I do not understand the amazing awe that seems to have over taken people. Maybe I missed something. While the effects themselves were close to mind blowing, I found the whole "dream within a dream within a dream" thing, while not completely linear in its time dimension transformation, to be relatively straightforward, almost a simple exponential. Again, maybe I missed something, but I fail to see what the hype was about.

Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad movie, I just don't think it's the Oscar Blockbuster Super Fantasmo of the Year. If it is, well, the movie industry has been hard pressed to turn out successive hits for a while, so I guess I won't be that surprised.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

I Don't Discuss with Angry Monkeys

Before I begin this blog post, I am going to apologize for a lack of blogging in the past almost two weeks with the full knowledge that I don't have to. I am not sure what the total consistent readership is apart from Chelsea and Erin at work, however, I did start this as a project for myself to write in some form consistently, and a two week gap isn't really consistent now is it? Due to the two week gap, some events happened fairly recently and some happened far enough back that I don't remember the specific date. Although that's not saying much with my memory.

The basis for this first refreshing dive into blogging arose from an online discussion amongst good friends of mine from back home in Portland. Let me open by saying that it is ridiculously amusing that a political and ethical debate arose from my best friend posting homoerotic sports photos from the Huffington Post on another friend's facebook wall. That is seriously how this all started.

Now I chose to not give too much background because that gets tedious, and also I chose to not use too many names because this is still the internet and public debate. With that being said, this "discussion" involved three major friends with two good people I know. One of my major friends I know his opinions and political standing. The predominate good person, well I had no idea. For the sake of this post, I will be referred to as myself normally, or person C. My best friend is person A and the other person is person B.

Now after the posting of the homoerotic sports pictures, B questioned the validity of the source, the Huffington Post. Person A then responded wondering why the question arose and then inquired where B got their information, Fox News? Then all hell broke lose. In my opinion, Fox News has not been "fair and balanced" as their motto claims for quite some time. Between Bill O'Reilly's interview interrogation attacks in the past to the recent signing of Sarah Palin as a regular guest and commentator, Fox News, to me, is a network with a heavy rightward Republican bias. It's not as bad as an Evangelical post on some off cable channel, but it's no where near balanced.

Person A then wondered why B was wasting their time with Fox News and began to tear apart Fox News, but not the individual B. B, however, took great offense to this, believing that A claimed that B was incompetent or something of the like, and began to tear apart any other news channel including "Communist News Network" or CNN. This just escalated, and C mainly commented for an attempt at clarification so both parties could proceed to discuss in an orderly manner.

With this being half retold, let me say this. I have no problem with opposing viewpoints. I view myself, politically, as a moderate. I am more conservative minded on business and financial information, but am more liberal on social issues such as women's rights and education. I enjoy hearing different view points with one underlying condition. Argue and discuss in a composed, intelligent fashion. Did this ever become too much to ask?

Person B took things personally. An issue does not represent you completely. It is representative of a part of you, but for someone to take a different stance on a view than you does not mean that they think you are wrong and un-creditable. Person B broke into name-calling, unnecessary passive-aggressive emotions, and lost any semblance of grammatical structure, flow of any cohesive point and basic spelling. Call me a snob, but I am very hesitant to take you seriously if you type:
maybe of u guys knew a bit more about how seriously f***ed we all are with obama, pelosi, and the socialist (this is not an opinion but a fact)--- socialist agenda being crammed down the unwilling throats of most Americans.... You would be more cautious and like me, QUESTION the media and the government.

While it is only facebook, I view anything on the internet as public domain, so please have the decency to seem like you passed through four years of English courses at respected schools. Lack of grammatical structure and spelling just tells the reader how easily you roller-coasted into a sinusoidal oscillation between timid passiveness to fire-breathing aggression. Losing your cool in any argument just tells me that you let the opposing view win. They didn't even have to try. You just did the work for them. Congratulations on yelling so hard that the white flag fell out of your pocket.

Focusing back on the actual content of the article, I do not think that there is much inherently wrong with the Huffington Post. My issue with Fox News is that you cannot claim to be "fair and balanced" if you have five Republican guests and only two weak speaking Democratic guests to discuss an issue on air. Any news source nowadays should be taken with a grain of salt. There is a reason we have higher cognitive abilities after all. It is okay to agree to disagree; not every discussion is a battle to be won. I will tackle and discuss just about any issue with a fair minded intelligent individual, no matter what the opposing viewpoint might be.

I refuse, however, to discuss with angry monkeys.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Naked Time!

Apart from providing a humorous Harry Potter short, the above video serves as a snappy opening for today's post. Naked Time! Nudity is the subject of this, and yes I did think of this topic while I was in the shower yesterday.

Nudity is one of those topics that can make people uncomfortable in various situations. In movies, after a sex or romantic bed scene, we often see the female character rush to grab the sheet, blanket, or some form of covering before pillow talk and cuddling can commence. Partial nudity, which I am using here as referencing revealing clothing, will often get a woman labeled some derogatory term. A lack of covering on a woman somehow means she is free game to names, insults, and being degraded to an object only purposeful for satisfying a man's lustful desires.

Now I am not advocating that we all shed of these "horrible binds" known as clothes and become on big nudist colony, but rather some more body acceptance and celebration would be nice. There are many aspects that I could extend with this post, which makes it a bit difficult to stick to one clear path. I am simply saying, walk around your house naked more. Sleep naked. It's a nice feeling and I do think it brings about a teeny bit of being okay with yourself. Now I know some could say, well that's all fine and dandy for the good looking people of the world but I'm not in that boat so how can I walk around naked? My answer: the same way the rest of us do. I have been chunky and slightly overweight, I have been underweight and I am how I am now. Therefore, I do not think that people necessarily have a problem with the way they look. Disappointment arises when they think of how they should look according to some silly standard somewhere. If we can get over silly standards, you are free to wander your apartment naked, although roommates might object--that's a case by case basis I guess.

Walking around naked is a nice feeling. If you can, do. I think the process does bring about body acceptance.

I might have lost a bit of my fluidity and point in this post, but that's the byproduct of not writing this down when the initial inspiration struck. Guess that means I should get a white board in my shower. Quick sum up to my in-cohesive post: enjoy your body.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One of Those Cynical Rants about the Faith of Humanity

Today was a great day for one of the European nations, one of the masters of the Old World, Spain. The Spanish won their first ever World Cup Football title today against the Netherlands, who have also yet to claim a title despite tremendous momentum in the trials and games these past two months. Although two of the teams that I was deeply rooting for were eliminated, the Netherlands and Germany, this is not a bitter rant about the sportsmanship, quality of play, or the number of yellow cards that the referee chose to give out during the final. Seriously though, they're not like candy at Halloween; you don't have to give them to everyone.

Instead, this posting is exactly what the title directly spells out. Hopefully, some of you may have already guessed why this topic exists. Superstitions continue to astonish me. I have beliefs, traditions and old sayings, but I've never been one to buy into superstitions, psychic abilities and "natural phenomena" of a certain sort. Therefore could some one please explain to me why Paul the Octopus got so much attention? The rationality that I possess does not compute the popularity of this invertebrate.

While I am no marine biologist, heck I'm not even the most informed in the field of biology in general, I find it very hard to believe that an octopus is "psychic". For those of you not completely engrossed in the internet, Paul is an octopus at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, a city in western Germany. Paul has been supposedly predicting the victor of World Cup matches when two cases, each with a mussel for food and with separate country flags for the teams set to play each other, are dropped into his case. By choosing the food, he is apparently choosing which team will emerge victorious from the match. While octopi are apparently fairly intelligent invertebrate, I still refuse to believe that Paul is "psychic".

Come on people, this is an octopus. This is bullshit.

One source estimates that Paul had a one in 128 chance in predicting Spain winning the World Cup title. This is based off of the number of matches being 1/2^n. Now having taken probability, and being a mathematics major, based upon sheer numbers this estimate seems okay to fly due to a binomial tree, however, this is a football tournament. I do not believe that a octopus could have intentionally foresaw this result. While they do apparently have long and short term memories, I highly doubt that Paul watched every single match in the World Cup. Paul does not understand strategies, momentum or the determined resolve of a serious player.

Paul got lucky. That's all there is to say.

The most disturbing and disappointing thing about Paul is that so many people worldwide gathered behind him and seem to claim his "predictions" as gospel truth. Paul got lucky. There are probably people out there whose brackets predicted the same victory by Spain, but we don't see their names in news articles do we? Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe I think the average individual in the world is decaying their brain with the massive amounts of subpar information and mediums available today, and yes I'm looking at you Stephenie Meyer. I just find it infuriating that people can be so dumbfounded, bamboozled, and generally reduced to an idiotic mass.

Conclusion of my rant: Paul may cause me to shield my child from the internet for a good deal of time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perfection est un bon croissant

There are a couple simple pleasures in life that can seem like mere trifles, or a silly after thought to others but are really the guardians to unlocking a good day to some. Good chocolate seems to be a universal item; sunshine, brightly colored balloons, polished machinery, and bubbles are other such items of companions of mine. Myself, I have many little simple pleasures in life, however, there is one especially reserved to the task of safe guarding Saturdays.

Most every Saturday when I am in Troy, I go to the Farmer's Market. The weekly voyage down the hill to River Street started last summer with my friend Hannah, and has become a tradition revolving with different friends for company. The grocery list varies from a complete open mind to needing beans, greens, pork and bread for the week, but one thing always remains constant on my list.

Every Saturday is started with a cup of coffee, iced recently due to this God forsaken East Coast gross weather, and a croissant of either the classic style, chocolate or baked with ham and cheese inside. I generally believe that there exist two schools of thought on croissants. Some are more fluffy and dough like, resembling the texture of other distinct bread items, which I generally regard as more "American" personally. Then there is the other school of thought to which I am a follower. My ideal croissant is more flaky and buttery on the inside. A prerequisite is that crumbs should escape into flight when you break into the pastry delight with either your hands or mouth. The crumbs are brittle babies of the toasted, golden brown exterior. Inside, the croissant is like a cavern with scattered pockets of air in between thin buttery layers.

A good croissant is one of my fixes. It is both comfort food and the reason to wake up in the morning on Saturdays. Why else would anyone want to wake up early to trek downtown?

Today's inspiration was a ham and cheese croissant. In addition to the carefully designed caverns of air, the buttery flaky layers hold secret a slice of rich ham molded with the pastry lining by melted Havarti cheese. This robust construction has shown to be the foundation to a peaceful summer day. A croissant will always be persuasion to coax me out of bed no matter how comfy the situation is; any company shouldn't be offended unless they for some reason detest croissants. If that situation arises, well they wouldn't be suitable bed company now would they?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

All You Need is....Sleep!

The life of a college student normally includes being broke at some point. Dining on $2 pizza, pinching pennies together and unavoidably mooching or being in debt to a companion is part of the experience; it builds character. There are certain expenses though that are unavoidable such as bills, textbooks and food (or just a massive quantity of ramen). When students do find a little extra in their accounts, it is possible to splurge on some item designed to make life more joyful, and it can be viewed as an investment for the long haul. Some people buy nice clothes, others quality kitchenware, but personally, I invest in my bed.

Is it ridiculous to have 500 thread count cotton/sateen sheets? Probably. Is it ridiculous to have a total of five pillows on my bed at any given time? Also, probably. Is it comfy as hell? You betcha.

Some statistics claim that we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, and while not all of that might be in a bed, or our own beds, I am operating under the assumption that most of my own sleeping will be in my bed. With a third of my lifetime spent sleeping, I might as well do it in comfort and style right? In addition to sleep, I spend a good deal of my homework time sitting criss-cross applesauce (or Indian style) on my bed. Reading and lounging are also normally situated in this location.

Being one of the most time consuming activities in life, sleep covers a whole spectrum of emotional responses. Nightmares and dreams aside, there's always something sacred and calming about sleep, no matter how long it may take to close your eyes at night. Personally, waking up is more attractive than falling asleep. When single, you can roam free along the plains of your sheets, taking up as much room as possible in unimaginable diagonal combination of poses. On the flip side when with someone, well, I'm not even going to fully attempt to describe that warm peaceful delight of opening your eyes with the sun coming in through the windows to shine on the face of that person next to you wrapped in a warm cuddle. Sleep lets you take a pause on life, slow down, recharge, and readjust what is really worth stressing about in life. It calms tempers, resolves arguments, creates a time for a deep breath of serenity and just generally has a warm and fuzzy feeling associated with it for me.

Having been called a narcoleptic in jest, I can and do fall asleep quickly. Don't get me too horizontal, and dim lighting? Well that's just asking for me to fall asleep. While I've been teased for it, I don't mind it. What's wrong with getting more than normal deep sleep?

Besides, I think it's kind of cool that I can sleep through earthquakes.

Wish List Wednesday

It's time for another round of Wish List Wednesday! Yes, I am aware that it is Thursday, but due to my mini vacation and subsequent absence of blog posts since Saturday, I have decided to do two, or maybe even ::gasp:: three entries! Today! Time to start off with the easy visual stuff of WLW.

First off, it's summer. The East Coast is currently in a heat wave. I am landlocked and really really really don't like it. Did I mention my distaste for East Coast humidity? Frankly, I just want to get my booty to a beach and why not do it in some thing new and cute?

This cute little bikini is on my list for two reasons. First, the suit helps me visualize water which mentally cools me down, and secondly, I haven't bought a new suit since the summer after senior year at JHS.

Moving along then, the second item is on a sad note of mourning. Yesterday when going to do my workout, I reached into my bag only to find that my goggles had broken cleanly along the plastic nose piece. Thus, a time of mourning is also an opportunity for new life.

These TYR goggles look similar to my old babies, but we shall see if they can truly fill that sacred place in my heart.

Lastly, the theme of this post seems to be water related activities. I have heard about and read about this kind of contraption but haven't tried it out.

The idea of being able to listen to a playlist while going through my swim workout has always seemed alluring, but the irrational threat of sparks and short-circuiting in my ear in the water is also a big deterrent. That caution factored with the price level of any sort of underwater mp3 device leaves me to think it'll stay on a mystical wish list for a long time.

Hope everyone is staying cool!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Just a silly little post that has close to no point, but it helps me sleep at night knowing my soul is fulfilled. I am currently on "vacation" aka out of Troy, for 4th of July weekend with my friend Rob in the lovely South, or Maryland. Moral of the story, it feels good to be out of Troy.

In case I don't post for a bit, I leave you with this:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ladies Aren't Buying It

We live in a time where men and women are getting closer and closer to equality. That implies that we can do the same tasks, tackle the same challenges, and as people, there are certain things we want and value equally. Being painted as outdated stereotypes isn't one of them. There are a lot of marketing campaigns and advertisements out there that simply baffle me as to what team thought they could sell a product by putting down half of the entire population.

Many Americans no doubt tuned in this past winter to see the Super Bowl, partially because of the actual sporting event, and partially due to the ads. The advertisement commercials have become as entertaining and looked forward to almost as much as the game itself, yet with such a high viewership, how did the Dodge monstrosity make it through? The Dodge Charger ad paints women as stifling, shrill control freaks who suffocate their boyfriends and husbands with "ridiculous" demands, and so the only way for a man to avoid becoming a castrated lap dog is to "drive the car I want to drive". My question to Dodge, and other marketing strategists, is why can't the man just drive his car for the sake of driving? Last time I checked, men haven't been repressed for untold centuries. A Charger is not some gleaming hope of redemption.

While it is annoying dealing with advertising targeting men that end up putting down women, I would argue that it is much more frustrating seeing marketing for women belittle the very audience they are trying to sell their product or service to. In this local car dealership ad car buying is a scary experience "especially for women". Excuse me? While I'm sure it is nerve wracking for everyone seeking to purchase their first car, it is anything but helpful to be told that it's worse because of your gender. Preaching this out of a smiling woman's mouth is just insulting because it seems like a pretense to cover up a sexist ad. It's okay because a woman said it, right? It's okay if you're trying to add insult to injury. The same tactic of stereotypes and silly ideas about women presented in advertisements by women can be seen in countless products across industries. Is it a product women use? Then you can bet women have been portrayed as silly in it.

One of the refreshing breaths in the media, as far as I'm concerned, has been Sarah Haskins. Her series on InfoMania, "Target Women" is nothing short of amusing as she dissects myths and silly ideas about women in advertisements. While I love Sarah Haskins, it would be nice if she hadn't been able to have as much success with this series. Without something to make fun of, it wouldn't have been around. That would imply equal advertising now wouldn't it though. What I cannot comprehend why so few companies seem to be able to market their products without playing into outdated gender roles.

Some of the best success I have seen on the "female" product end is Dove's current real beauty campaign. The add focuses on real women of all shapes, sizes, ages and elasticities and shows what their products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other hygienic products, are used for in a way that highlights the product, not a negative view of the potential user. You might say, well of course it's easy for Dove to have success, their selling products to women that women already use. My response to that are some of the current Old Spice commericals. The newest one, released recently, is a play on the original "I'm on a horse" commercial. It's not the easiest thing to sell men's products to women, just ask any girl about their opinion on Axe. The Old Spice campaigns capture the opposite audience of the product's designed user and successfully entices them to the product in a positive way.

With women making up the majority of retail sales, with 83% of the market and accounting for $4 trillion of the U.S. consumption, I simply don't understand why advertising campaigns fail at marketing to women so often. I would like to see Budweiser release a commercial advertising their beer to women. If we can have women in positions of political power, women employed in scientific fields, why can't we get a little respect when it comes to private consumption?