Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

It's time for another round of Wish List Wednesday! Yes, I am aware that it is Thursday, but due to my mini vacation and subsequent absence of blog posts since Saturday, I have decided to do two, or maybe even ::gasp:: three entries! Today! Time to start off with the easy visual stuff of WLW.

First off, it's summer. The East Coast is currently in a heat wave. I am landlocked and really really really don't like it. Did I mention my distaste for East Coast humidity? Frankly, I just want to get my booty to a beach and why not do it in some thing new and cute?

This cute little bikini is on my list for two reasons. First, the suit helps me visualize water which mentally cools me down, and secondly, I haven't bought a new suit since the summer after senior year at JHS.

Moving along then, the second item is on a sad note of mourning. Yesterday when going to do my workout, I reached into my bag only to find that my goggles had broken cleanly along the plastic nose piece. Thus, a time of mourning is also an opportunity for new life.

These TYR goggles look similar to my old babies, but we shall see if they can truly fill that sacred place in my heart.

Lastly, the theme of this post seems to be water related activities. I have heard about and read about this kind of contraption but haven't tried it out.

The idea of being able to listen to a playlist while going through my swim workout has always seemed alluring, but the irrational threat of sparks and short-circuiting in my ear in the water is also a big deterrent. That caution factored with the price level of any sort of underwater mp3 device leaves me to think it'll stay on a mystical wish list for a long time.

Hope everyone is staying cool!

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