Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perfection est un bon croissant

There are a couple simple pleasures in life that can seem like mere trifles, or a silly after thought to others but are really the guardians to unlocking a good day to some. Good chocolate seems to be a universal item; sunshine, brightly colored balloons, polished machinery, and bubbles are other such items of companions of mine. Myself, I have many little simple pleasures in life, however, there is one especially reserved to the task of safe guarding Saturdays.

Most every Saturday when I am in Troy, I go to the Farmer's Market. The weekly voyage down the hill to River Street started last summer with my friend Hannah, and has become a tradition revolving with different friends for company. The grocery list varies from a complete open mind to needing beans, greens, pork and bread for the week, but one thing always remains constant on my list.

Every Saturday is started with a cup of coffee, iced recently due to this God forsaken East Coast gross weather, and a croissant of either the classic style, chocolate or baked with ham and cheese inside. I generally believe that there exist two schools of thought on croissants. Some are more fluffy and dough like, resembling the texture of other distinct bread items, which I generally regard as more "American" personally. Then there is the other school of thought to which I am a follower. My ideal croissant is more flaky and buttery on the inside. A prerequisite is that crumbs should escape into flight when you break into the pastry delight with either your hands or mouth. The crumbs are brittle babies of the toasted, golden brown exterior. Inside, the croissant is like a cavern with scattered pockets of air in between thin buttery layers.

A good croissant is one of my fixes. It is both comfort food and the reason to wake up in the morning on Saturdays. Why else would anyone want to wake up early to trek downtown?

Today's inspiration was a ham and cheese croissant. In addition to the carefully designed caverns of air, the buttery flaky layers hold secret a slice of rich ham molded with the pastry lining by melted Havarti cheese. This robust construction has shown to be the foundation to a peaceful summer day. A croissant will always be persuasion to coax me out of bed no matter how comfy the situation is; any company shouldn't be offended unless they for some reason detest croissants. If that situation arises, well they wouldn't be suitable bed company now would they?

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