Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception: My Thoughts

I don't normally do movie reviews or reflections on them, because frankly, I am aware I do not know a damn about good cinema apart from there should exist an interesting cohesive plot with proper character development and implementation. What the heck though?

On Saturday afternoon, I saw "Inception" with my boyfriend and two other friends. Hype had been brewing from critics and friends a like. "You have to see it twice to get it", "I can't wait to see it again", "It was amazing!" all circulated around my ears, so while I did not have a huge yearning to see it, I figured why not?

I saw it. I thought about it. It was okay.

I was expecting some sort of ridiculous mind confusing continuum along the lines of "Shutter Island" or maybe even "Donnie Darko". Even now I do not understand the amazing awe that seems to have over taken people. Maybe I missed something. While the effects themselves were close to mind blowing, I found the whole "dream within a dream within a dream" thing, while not completely linear in its time dimension transformation, to be relatively straightforward, almost a simple exponential. Again, maybe I missed something, but I fail to see what the hype was about.

Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad movie, I just don't think it's the Oscar Blockbuster Super Fantasmo of the Year. If it is, well, the movie industry has been hard pressed to turn out successive hits for a while, so I guess I won't be that surprised.

Anyone care to enlighten me?


  1. The part where they were walking all over the walls because of the gravity shifts was pretty cool. And the concept was cool. The action at times was pretty boring and blah. The acting was good.

    The whole movie? Pretty okay. Not confusing. I agree, it was pretty straightforward. I refer you to my own post about this :P not mind blowing. At all. Not sure what everyone is all excited about.

  2. You suck. It was awesome. The exponntial time transformation (math nerd) was not supposed to be the mind blowing part. It was the whole concept and story line, and the ending question of what is real and how can you ever know. I'm going to conclude that since you didn't watch LOST either, that you have terrible taste.

    On a happier note, glad you're back to the blogosphere :)