Thursday, July 8, 2010

All You Need is....Sleep!

The life of a college student normally includes being broke at some point. Dining on $2 pizza, pinching pennies together and unavoidably mooching or being in debt to a companion is part of the experience; it builds character. There are certain expenses though that are unavoidable such as bills, textbooks and food (or just a massive quantity of ramen). When students do find a little extra in their accounts, it is possible to splurge on some item designed to make life more joyful, and it can be viewed as an investment for the long haul. Some people buy nice clothes, others quality kitchenware, but personally, I invest in my bed.

Is it ridiculous to have 500 thread count cotton/sateen sheets? Probably. Is it ridiculous to have a total of five pillows on my bed at any given time? Also, probably. Is it comfy as hell? You betcha.

Some statistics claim that we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, and while not all of that might be in a bed, or our own beds, I am operating under the assumption that most of my own sleeping will be in my bed. With a third of my lifetime spent sleeping, I might as well do it in comfort and style right? In addition to sleep, I spend a good deal of my homework time sitting criss-cross applesauce (or Indian style) on my bed. Reading and lounging are also normally situated in this location.

Being one of the most time consuming activities in life, sleep covers a whole spectrum of emotional responses. Nightmares and dreams aside, there's always something sacred and calming about sleep, no matter how long it may take to close your eyes at night. Personally, waking up is more attractive than falling asleep. When single, you can roam free along the plains of your sheets, taking up as much room as possible in unimaginable diagonal combination of poses. On the flip side when with someone, well, I'm not even going to fully attempt to describe that warm peaceful delight of opening your eyes with the sun coming in through the windows to shine on the face of that person next to you wrapped in a warm cuddle. Sleep lets you take a pause on life, slow down, recharge, and readjust what is really worth stressing about in life. It calms tempers, resolves arguments, creates a time for a deep breath of serenity and just generally has a warm and fuzzy feeling associated with it for me.

Having been called a narcoleptic in jest, I can and do fall asleep quickly. Don't get me too horizontal, and dim lighting? Well that's just asking for me to fall asleep. While I've been teased for it, I don't mind it. What's wrong with getting more than normal deep sleep?

Besides, I think it's kind of cool that I can sleep through earthquakes.

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