Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Naked Time!

Apart from providing a humorous Harry Potter short, the above video serves as a snappy opening for today's post. Naked Time! Nudity is the subject of this, and yes I did think of this topic while I was in the shower yesterday.

Nudity is one of those topics that can make people uncomfortable in various situations. In movies, after a sex or romantic bed scene, we often see the female character rush to grab the sheet, blanket, or some form of covering before pillow talk and cuddling can commence. Partial nudity, which I am using here as referencing revealing clothing, will often get a woman labeled some derogatory term. A lack of covering on a woman somehow means she is free game to names, insults, and being degraded to an object only purposeful for satisfying a man's lustful desires.

Now I am not advocating that we all shed of these "horrible binds" known as clothes and become on big nudist colony, but rather some more body acceptance and celebration would be nice. There are many aspects that I could extend with this post, which makes it a bit difficult to stick to one clear path. I am simply saying, walk around your house naked more. Sleep naked. It's a nice feeling and I do think it brings about a teeny bit of being okay with yourself. Now I know some could say, well that's all fine and dandy for the good looking people of the world but I'm not in that boat so how can I walk around naked? My answer: the same way the rest of us do. I have been chunky and slightly overweight, I have been underweight and I am how I am now. Therefore, I do not think that people necessarily have a problem with the way they look. Disappointment arises when they think of how they should look according to some silly standard somewhere. If we can get over silly standards, you are free to wander your apartment naked, although roommates might object--that's a case by case basis I guess.

Walking around naked is a nice feeling. If you can, do. I think the process does bring about body acceptance.

I might have lost a bit of my fluidity and point in this post, but that's the byproduct of not writing this down when the initial inspiration struck. Guess that means I should get a white board in my shower. Quick sum up to my in-cohesive post: enjoy your body.


  1. you dont have to be naked to do that... just walk around in your underwear or boxers... it doesnt have to be nudity

  2. You should start blogging again so I have something to do at work...