Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rye, Rambles and Repetition

I have not decided if I should be overjoyed that something to write about came upon me so quickly after the holiday, or start to question my seamlessly never-ending "sweet tooth" for alcohol--namely, red wine, whiskey, and dark beers. I just finished proclaiming my love of whiskey on a previous post (ignore the dates, I actually typed out that one on Wednesday the 29th, but blogger tracks the dates by the original first type). This post is similar slightly to me new implementation of reviews and tastings, except that is not a review of merely a drink. Oh no my friends, this is about so much more. This is me raving about a beer float.

A beer float? What is a beer float, you may be asking. A beer float is exactly what you might think it is. The alcoholic version of a rootbeer float, take a good solid beer and add one, or several depending on your sweet tooth and care about calories, scoops of ice cream. In this instance, I was at the main lodge in Sunriver, and for desert on Monday had a beer float made with the Deschutes Brewery's Obsidian Stout mixed with butter pecan ice cream. In short,

I am not going to go into extensive detail about the stout, although I do recommend it and other Deschute's beers after having their porter as my first legal drink in Portland. East Coast friends, I hope we can find it somewhere, otherwise I'm sorry that you are missing out. In general, I highly suggest friends who enjoy darker, dense beers to go out, find a good stout and embellish it with ice cream. If you don't believe me, see the above image.

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