Monday, December 13, 2010

Rule #32

It is almost 9:00 pm on Monday, December 13th. I am still at work. I am tired, don't know where my sleep schedule lies after a weekend consumed by an amazing party and a less than amazing ski trip. While it is not the best idea to host a party lasting until 3 am and then to wake up at 5:30 am for a ski trip, the sleep cycle damage is at least, if not more, made up for through emotional reward and merriment. Despite my good weekend though, it is Monday. I am tired, sore, and desperately need caffeine. I have a graduate final to complete, a shift at work to attend, a phone interview to sort through, job applications to fill out, cleaning, packing, and a pile of laundry rivaling Whistler in height all before Wednesday at noon when I leave for the airport to fly home. I am aware that compared to some of my comrades this finals season, I have it easy. I am still entitled to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Despite this load of labor, it is snowing outside. On my break at work, I wandered outside to the door by WRPI in the DCC and saw frosty flakes falling from the sky, and a little twinkle appeared in my eye as a smile crept across my face. Enjoy the little things.

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