Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fatigue, Cuddles and General Social Commentary

I have heard that it's not best to work when you are not at your best, however, I have never actually followed that. With that being said, and although I generally try not to be in public, this post may be a bit cynical or jaded. After going to bed after 2 am and waking up a little bit after 7 am, combined with an unsuccessful napping attempt, I am tired. Not your ordinary worn out tired, but rather your fatigued with the world, eyes are tired and heavy and filled with a sense of longing for someone to wrap you in their arms and lay on a sofa together tired. In short, I need a cuddle.

While I am currently single, this is not a post lamenting that status. People, of both genders, simply liked to feel warm, whole and secure. These emotions are often, for myself at least, is achieved through a good cuddle. While being single can be a great feeling in life, well it makes it that much harder to achieve the ever longing fulfilling cuddles sensation. Let's be honest people; "body pillows" don't hug back, your stuffed animal is, generally, smaller than you and doesn't apply the right pressure for you to be little spoon, and my landlord doesn't allow me to have a large dog. In short, it's hard to get a cuddle when you're single. The only thing that comes close, technologically, is this body-pillow contraption that moves and supposedly either is heated, glows or emits noises called the "emotional robot". Honestly, I'm not quite sure what it is, but I don't trust a moving pillow. Don't get me started on the Japanese marrying pillows with blown up pictures of anime girls on them....

On to the somewhat negative side of this post. Cuddles are synonymous to happiness, pink and blue clouds, teddy bears and cute pictures of little kids holding hands in black and white. I have to put in some rain cloud somewhere don't I? Being from the West Coast, free love still lives on. The East Coast hippies grew up, cut their hair and got jobs leaving behind their relaxed ways. While West Coast hippies did the same, there exist a good deal of them who didn't, thus I like to think friendly relations are more common on the West. We smile at people walking by. I great friends when they arrive or leave with hugs. Yes, I have cuddled with a large group of friends while watching a long marathon of both Die Hard movies and the Star Wars original trilogy. Cuddling and friendship go hand and hand in my book.

Somewhere along the way, the East Coast decided to be mean and judgmental. For all I know, it dated the South and thought she was sweet but then she left and cheated on him with the Mid West leaving a questioning, jaded coast. Whatever the psychological and sociological truthful differences may be between the coasts are, I've personally found it much harder to initiate cuddling with friends back here. There's always a hidden meaning behind it; a guy and a girl can't simply enjoy each others embrace without it obtaining a sexual connotation or hidden meaning. Damn you silly East Coast.

The moral of the story is kiddies: I'm tired and could use a warm cuddle, but despise the difficulty of getting one.

That's all.

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