Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh la la! ;)

For a while today, I was struggling with what topic I should write about. Initially body image discussions jumped to my mind, after discussing with Chelsea yesterday at the mall and based upon her most recent posting series, however, I'm in the mood for my own thoughts. Most of my day has been spent feeling gross, damn you Troy Chinese food, and coding. From these two feelings I decided to look on the bright side and reflect on conversations, fun times with Chelsea yesterday, and a certain red dress.

What is sexy? What does it mean for someone to be sexy?

Many people twist this word. Often times we think of lingerie, dramatic lighting, "sexyface", intricate poses and a lot of skin. Others defend the idea of sexy as a synonym for confidence. Sexy also can be adapted to many forms, since it is a descriptor of what people find sexually appealing. Everyone's different. I am personally on the side of sexy being intertwined with confidence for the main reason that if you are not confident, or at least okay with yourself, it becomes a bit difficult mentally to perform sexual acts with a smile. As I'm sure many of you are well aware of by now, I try to live life with a smile.

Sexy to me includes lingerie, but also the actions that follow it. I am fairly outgoing. I've dressed up under normal clothes for a surprise. On the milder side, a public kiss of passion can also be sexy as hell. It's the way you walk, smile, and overall carry yourself. I feel sexy naked, but also sexy in a floor length gown. The ultimate win for me is lounging and walking around the apartment in just my underwear and a tank top. Sexy is comfy. Sexy is confident. Sexy has a smile on its face.

Too often is a certain classical idea of "sexiness" crammed down the throats of American females. Dudes, just flash me a smile and have your shirt off and chances are you're good. Girls it seems like we have a complex algorithm to fit to, and the steepest descent method just won't find that minima. I feel sexy exercising with just my sports bra on top, not because I have awesome abs (they're there somewhere under the flab I swear), but because it makes me smile gaining a feeling of accomplishment after a workout.

Men and women seem to have differing opinions on sexiness and beauty, as personally interpreted from observations in society and reading the Scarlett Johansson verses Jessica Alba discussion on a friend's facebook note. I personally reject this idea. Sexy is as sexy chooses to be. There's got to be some common ground, otherwise, I feel like fewer people would be getting laid in the world. This is a post which I am interested in reader's opinions. If you have any idea at all, please don't hesitate to type it.

What do you say folks? What does "sexy" mean to you?

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  1. It sounds disingenuous, but sexy is intellect and wit to me. Whenever Erik wins an argument or shoots someone down with a clever phrase or something I'm just all about it.