Monday, June 7, 2010

Drumroll please?

Well now, this is my first ever blog post. It feels a bit weird to tell the truth. I have always been one to write since I could hold a pencil. I still have my first diaries from first grade, spelling errors and all, documenting my family's move from Southern California to Portland, Oregon. I wrote my first serious poems in third grade. I have most every short story, poem, observation and furious rant that I ever wrote in notebooks in my room both in Troy and in Portland. I keep a journal to this day in print form, and have also always blended my literary passion with an irrepressible drive to draw.

Perhaps my blending of visual and literary observation is why I never "blogged" up until this point. Never did I think that I could preserve this molding in the electronic form of a public post. Also, most works are kept private. My artistic thoughts, or idiotic ones for that matter, are often kept private in my room where anyone who dares to glimpse at them without permission will find themselves tackled. Perhaps the blending of mediums combined with my hesitancy of vunerability prohibited me from considering having a blog.

Or maybe I just thought it was an overrated bandwagon that I thought was silly.

Great expression can come from everywhere, but I don't like to think of myself as included with soccer moms professing their devotion to a sparkly vampire.

So why then am I writing this now? Why am I "selling out" or giving in to this trend?

Summers at RPI, currently experiencing my second, are a time of truth. There are fewer students around, an air of freedom different from the stifling winter wind exists, and it becomes easier to try something new. Therefore the final rational for this is, well, I feel like it so there.

This is an adventure on my part, a leap of faith, a test to see if anyone is interested and for myself to be more committed in consistency. Don't make fun, don't judge or if you do, don't document that judgment. Life is short, life is precious, life is fun and life is a silly blog where I ramble and attempt to make myself and other smile. Welcome to my ramblings.