Saturday, September 18, 2010

Superficial Conundrum

While it is still September, time passes faster than we expect. With that in mind, my 21st birthday is in less than a month, and consequently, Halloween is right around the corner. For many years growing up I was a witch until high school when I dabbled in the classics of being a cowgirl and a 1950s girl, poodle skirt and all.

College came and the dress code limitation flew out the window. That is about all the introduction you need for the precedenting the fact that I was, misguidedly, dressed up as Tinkerbelle freshman year. Sophomore year, with the fever of Dark Knight, I was primed to do a joint costume and be Tim Burton's imagining of Catwoman personified in Michelle Pfeiffer. Unfortunately the neccessary materials did not arrive in time forcing me to default to the transformed Sandy from Grease. At least I helped make Byron a kickass classic Robin costume. Junior year was nothing extraordinary being a mix of flapper and showgirl.

Senior year may be the year of spandex. In a nerdier, truer me, I am currently stuck perplexing over two costume ideas. The first is to be Sheik from LoZ, however, this requires a large investment of both time and cash since I would have to handmake an entire costume with bodysuit panelling. The other alternative is to order a costume, being Padme from Star Wars Episode II in the collosium scene. Yes that movie sucked almost as Episode III, but you have to admit, boots + jumpsuit + blaster = hot. You can't argue with that logic.

I hope to make this decision by the end of the week for either prep time or order processing. What say you folks? Video game or movie?

I really do appreciate when my readers read and comment.

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  1. both your ideas are nerdy and i don't understand them.

    that said, be the thing with the weapon.

  2. Hmmm, Sheik would be difficult and I feel most people wouldn't get it, so I'd go with Padme. (Well.... *I* wouldn't... but you get the idea). Also, post a link to a screenshot. I haven't seen that movie in forever.