Monday, September 13, 2010

Killing Time and My Liver

Hello folks, all four of you that read my blog. I am currently in the process of better composing my thoughts for part two of my last blog post, but in the meantime I have turned to the substances that make my life a bit more cheery. I made dark chocolate brownies with butterscotch chips last night after having a delightful dinner of a mango teriyaki salmon with stir-fry vegetables.

(Bad picture of my brownies)

Today I had a BLT at Francesca's downtown with Chelsea, and for dinner I made French onion soup with a salad and toast. The moral of the story is that butter, chocolate, and cream help. They don't solve your problems, but damn, they do try to help. The one "vice" food that is currently omitted from my diet of self pity is red wine. Due to silly legal constraints (1 month and 4 days folks!) it takes me longer than I'd like to obtain the burgundy goodness, making its absence from my apartment much too noticeable. With all this time to contemplate the despairing labyrinth that is my mind, I ask you readers, whoever you may be, what is your favorite kind of wine? White or Red? Type?

Any specific recommendations for something new?

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