Friday, January 21, 2011

Should I?

So I've started sketching more again, due to the large amount of free time over winter break. The question is, can I maintain this once classes start? Taking two art classes, one would suppose a positive yes, but can that be safe from statistics? Mathematical analysis? Economics research? My horrible desire to do everything?

I'm hoping yes. As I think, there isn't much point about this post besides to show off my sketches. Let's be honest, I know that unless I post this to facebook, all of four people will probably read this, therefore, I'm not being that vain in showing off my little sketches. This isn't even quality finished work, just little wisps. Oh well, off to sketch lovelies.

I guess that this is also a call for free, and paid, requests/commissions, since those normally keep me at some level of productivity.

Growing up sucks.

That is all.

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