Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Considerate Curiousity

Well readers, however few and far between there are of you, obviously you exist unless the statistics tracker on Blogger's website is a complete scam. I tend to have a bit of faith in Google, so I'm going to rule out that possibility. Anywho, life over Winter Break is getting a bit mundane, and ideas are trickling slower. For example, my activities today included: getting dressed, going to the coffee shop to review a college application essay, errands, going to the Victoria's Secret sale, working out, and watching Jeopardy and Two and A Half Men. Not very exciting, noteworthy, or deserving of a blog post. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

With the mundane in mind, and with a loving heart towards you all, I am wondering if there is anything in particular you enjoy reading about here. Is it my rants from work? My recent alcohol ravings? The consumer glee of Wish List Wednesdays?

What would you like to read about or see from my blog? Why do you keep coming back for readings? While I know some of you are good friends, there has got to be some reason besides pure friendship.

Be honest! I look forward to the comments!

Please post using the "comments" feature of the blog. It helps me keep things organized and accessible.

See everyone? This is both a visual representation of my long thought out ponderings on what to write, and a testament to how much I adore you all. Behold the horrible '90s family photo!


  1. Post more 90s family photos. That's what I'll come back for.

  2. i agree whole heatedly with Erin and the 90s pictures...or baby pictures...

    you could also cook and tell us all about it