Monday, August 9, 2010

Wait What?

For those of you who visit my blog regularly, you are probably aware that I visit ModCloth, and subsequently post items from there a good deal. When I was composing this past week's Wish List Wednesday!, I selected a charming cloche from the Hats and Scarves section of their accessories page. Many selections of headgear lied before my eyes, however, I was not expecting this.

Um, what the fuck?

ModCloth, I would not say that I adore you, but I do enjoy visiting an online retailer showcasing both current and vintage clothing that normally falls within my budgetary means. A dress, a tunic, a cardigan sweater, earrings, sunglasses and a beautiful pair of booties have found their way from your stock into my closet. Since when did you start catering to the furry market?

For some clarification, I enjoy hoods. In sickness and health, I have worn my sweatshirt hoods on my head even indoors. They are cozy, warm, and I kind of like feeling like a cross between a mage and Link. What I don't feel like being is well, a furry. I have cosplayed people. That's adding some basis to where this is coming from. If a cosplay girl finds something unusual, unfashionable, and fugly, then it's pretty close to being it. Upon further investigation, this is not a creation of ModCloth's but rather from Spirit Hoods, another retailer.

A zebra hood? Why do we need a zebra hood?

A new meaning to leopard print?

Look at that guy. He is not ensnared by some form of her primal, animal-like sensuality. He's kind of scared and wondering "shit, there better be some good sex out of this 'cause chick be craaaaaaaaazy". My prediction might not be completely accurate, but look at that face. That face is not okay.

I like to think of myself as fairly fashionable, but I admit I am not at the head of the line. Therefore I ask you world, is this where we are headed? Devolved as man back to primal brethren?

Really what I am asking though is wtf?

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