Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wish List Wednesday!

Standardized large tests are the bain of my existence. By 2010 aren't we supposed to have helmets which just suck the information and knowledge out of our heads? I dream of the day when test anxiety goes away.

Well lookie there, I made a rhyme.

Trying to stay on the positive, let's move along with Wish List Wednesday.

Last week was shoes, and I figured I'd go on an accessory kick. That being said, hats are the focus of this week. First we start with something simple. Hats of simple but structurally sound construction design can add a lot to an outfit lacking that certain something, with that being said, this cloche, a small wide-brimmed hat seems to be a nice top to the fall.

Next along in headgear highlights, the seasons shift to winter for this hat. I have a large place in my heart for all things warm and fuzzy, and this piece by Diane von Furstenberg seems to be one of the highlights of that category.


Lastly, I leave with a formal note with thisfascinator. While it is a miniature hat, four feet of a tulle train is just too exciting.

Have a good week folks. I hope it's a bit better than my day was.

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