Friday, May 11, 2012

My Head is Made of Syrofoam

Those of you who know me well, or at least around enough to hear me bitch, probably know this phrase by now:

"My head is made of syrofoam"

To date, I've had four five concussions. Two were soccer related, one from rough-housing, and the most recent one from water polo. Oddly enough, I've never gotten a concussion from drunk antics, overall clumsiness or skiing.

UPDATE: Turns out I've now had five concussions.

This new concussion seems to be my most "legitimate" head injury. I was rear-ended yesterday on my way to work in a 45 mph zone. I do not know how fast the car behind me was going, but it was not a fun ride. After he hit me, my head hit the steering wheel, then hit the headrest, then said "WTF?!?!?!" Apparently the power from this impact was enough to put me into shock so I didn't notice the pain. I was preoccupied with being pissed that my baby's bumper/back panel is cracked (for reference my car is my baby; Ruby's a pretty girl).

My newly acquired medical history addition begs the question: "Why is my head so goddamn fragile?"

I took my vitamins when I was younger, and even now I still occasionally swallow a multivitamin. I drank milk and yogurt growing up, so we can not blame a lack of bone density. Perhaps all that bone density went elsewhere? The only bone I've ever broken was my toe due to a stupid decision. While not risk averse in life, I don't make completely stupid decisions all the time.

What is there left for me to do to protect my head? Should I invest in a bedazzled "life helmet"? I definitely choose a helmet over living in a bubble.

Should I try to be more careful? Should I embed a steel plate in my head? Why does Google's spell check not recognize "styrofoam" as a word? Ah the questions of life.


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