Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Airport Eating

In my work, I have been traveling a lot more in the past two to three months. Due to the increased frequency of travel (air travel here, we're not talking measly drives to Chicago, but plane rides to the East Coast, West Coast and Caribbean) I started to notice some of my odd behaviors more.

Whenever I am flying through O'Hare, if I am tired or stressed at all I have a default comfort order. Not nutritious, apparently delicious, give me a small order of fries and a M&M McFlurry, and I'm good to go. I don't fully know how this craving came about. My main hypothesis is a childhood craving for junk food, since we weren't allowed it regularly. I suppose it's comparable to a frostie and fries, although let's be serious, McDonald's fries are clearly superior. Didn't you know they put crack in the fryer?

The oddest thing is that it happens only in O'Hare. I guess it's because I hate that airport?

That's a separate rant entirely.

A recent development in commuter consumption is the booze. While I was still flying across country for college, and some flights were post 21, I never felt the urge to drink while traveling until I started working. Perhaps it was college frugality? Then again, I had a $40 bottle of Chambourd above my fridge Senior year. Maybe I truly wasn't as stressed? I really think that while professional travel brings stress, it also allows you to be reimbursed for checked bags. Who wants to worry about the aftermaths of your whiskey sours combining with the motor skills to navigate a large roller-board?

This girl sure doesn't.

In completely unrelated news, this song has been in my head all day. I'm sure I've annoyed in someone in the office by now thanks to my officemate's speakers.

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