Tuesday, April 26, 2011

While We're At It...

While on the subject of alcohol, I'd like to mention one of my better culinary explorations. As I was going through my camera's memory card, I came upon these:

Over Spring Break, I went skiing in Vermont, with my roommate Sandy. Being the conscientious college students we are, we chose to bring some of our beverages with us instead of spending more money. This resulted in me transporting Bailey's in a water bottle. Turns out, having Bailey's in a water bottle makes it much easier to have fun pouring into cookies.

Above are my concoction of dark chocolate Bailey's cookies. Take a basic cookie dough base, add in smashed Dove dark chocolate squares, squirt a very (read very very) generous amount of Bailey's, stir, bake and enjoy. To quote my friend Steph, the result is delicious and "BAM! Bailey's!"

Can one ever have too much Bailey's?

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