Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Return of Materialism!

Hello good readers! As I've brought my fingers back to the worn down keyboard on my laptop, I have decided to also bring back an old feature of this blog: Wish List Wednesday. Partially because, why not? Also, on July 5th I start my first day of work at a real big-person job. Health Benefits? Salary! GASP!

In that light, I have to somehow figure out somewhere to live in Madison, Wisconsin and how to get all of my stuff there. While this task is daunting to say the least, the opportunity to decorate is delightful. The next few weeks of Wish List Wednesday are thus dedicated to frivolous home goods that I won'be be able to afford for a while, but heck, we could all use some pretty wishful thinking.

This week, I give you.....(drum roll).......


For some silly reason, ever since I was a little girl, even in my tom-boy stages, I wanted some form of chandelier in my room. While lighting is practical, chandeliers certaintly aren't. You've got to admit, they are pretty though. Below are two ones I've been lusting over from Pottery Barn.

First one: flowers are pretty.

Secondly, I think I have a thing for nature inspired pieces

Stay tuned for next week's dose of silly materialism!

1 comment:

  1. True story:
    When my brother was born, my bedroom upstairs became his. My parents turned the dining room (secluded, in the corner of the house on ground floor) into a second bedroom. I hated having a chandelier for the first week or so in the new room--

    that's mostly because I was a 12 year old boy...