Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gagging on Bubble Gum

Pink and I have had an interesting relationship over the years. Apparently when I was under four feet tall, my childhood saw a lot of pink. The bags that have departed to GoodWill tell of leggings and t-shirts galore swashed in the vibrant rosey color. Around third grade, I decided that the color and I were not to be allowed in the same room together, and remained on those terms until my junior prom dress.
Said dress at a New Year's Eve Party two years ago.

Pink and I are generally getting along these days, with sample visits here and there in the form of the dress, a v-neck t-shirt and underwear. We have our boundaries, and the relationship seems to work for both parties, however, there are certain instances where representatives of Pink make me want to vomit. Enter Exhibit A:

Although Urban Outfitters can be known to committ some collsal blunders, the dress above just makes me question who they have in charge of selecting certain items for retail. Excuse me while I go and gag now; I believe there is nothing more to be said here.

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