Saturday, June 11, 2011

Well...Part 2

I know this is weird, but I am kind of happy that I almost let my blog die.

I neglected, or well, did not commit as much time to, my blog due to all the other activities in my life. I could make excuses, I could list off everything, or I could even make a long rambling assessment of how every situation has molded and changed me. I'm not going to do that now. Probably later. I like to write, and have a habit of rambling, but not now.

In my life now, is a different stage. I graduated from R.P.I. with a dual degree in Mathematics and Economics. I landed a job back in February. I am moving to a new city where I have never lived before. I may soon be able to have a laptop without a sticking e key.

About three days ago, I received an email detailing my total of loans and outlining repayment plans. On Monday I bought a professional looking bag for work. I just paid my bills including my last utility payment for my apartment in Troy. I am calling to finalize apartments tomorrow.

I am an adult. It is weird.

Kind of like a mixed corgi.

Yeah. I'm tired, just go with it <3

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