Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time to Live Up to its Name

For my few readers out there, you might be aware of the title, or name of my blog, "Daisies, Ink and Whiskey". Originally chosen to represent all my random and thought out musings, the three items were chosen as the flagship because they are the items that get me through the good and the bad of life: the stouts and the I.P.A.'s, the bourbon and the tequila, you get the idea. I meant to start an undertaking a while ago when I published in the summer asking for a call of something new to drink. While many a liquid has tempted my palate and landed on my tongue, and sometimes in the sink, I do not claim to be an expert in alcohol. I would like to think I know wine better than some friends, but I do not feel that I can make the same claim for beer or hard liquor. Thus, I am going to attempt to document certain spirits that leave me with a feeling of something more than your average Sam Adams. Be it beer, wine or whiskey, if I try something and really like it, you'll probably hear about it here.

Not to backtrack, but the first two liquids actually came from my 21st birthday. Starting at the bottom and building up, we have something new from a brewery I've known. Widmer Brother's Brewing Company concocts one of my favorite hefeweizens, and with this fondness I decided to take a leap of faith and try something new: the limited release Barrel-Aged Brrrbon.

This craft beer was my birthday present from my roommate Sandra. It was not wrapped, did not come with a bow, but rather came from us wandering around Hoosick Beverage as she bought the beer for my birthday party since I was not 21 yet, but being a good friend, I waited till my birthday party to drink it. It was the first drink of many I had the night of my birthday party, and I am glad that I remember it fully.

The simplest way to describe the Barrel-Aged Brrrbon is that it truly tastes like a combination of beer, specifically Widmer Brother's seasonal Brrr beer and a whiskey. The Barrel-Aged Brrrbon is their traditional Brrr aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, which helps explain it being at 9.4% APV. The lingering taste on my lips from this craft was the smooth caramel tones. Due to a vanilla note, the caramel was light and not overpowering. Not having a kick, the beer did leave the taster with a little bit of a step back at first though. The Barrel-Aged Brrrbon truly was my kind of beer. Then again though, I'm a whiskey kind of girl.

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